Castella Imports
Baking/Confectionery & Fruits Having key ingredients on hand is essential when the urge to bake strikes. Use Castella's premium baking ingredients to achieve optimum results every time!
Bread Crumbs Castella Bread Crumbs are a delicious blend of hearty and rich ingredients.
Cheese Selection Aged to perfection, the cheese from Castella's extensive line will please any palate. Along with our domestic cheese, we import the best from Greece.
Colors, Flavors & Beverages Castella's Regal brand offers a full selection of colors, flavors and extracts that are unsurpassed. Bring your favorite recipe to life with the distinct color, flavor and aroma that it deserves.
Grains Healthy grains are essential for a healthy diet. Castella's grains are worth putting on your shopping list. Quinoa is a staple and very easy to incorporate into your everyday diet. This tasty grain can be combined with many foods or serve as a great standalone dish.
Oils & Vinegars Castella has a passion for fine quality olive oils and vinegars. We are committed to excellence in the production of our oils. From the first pressed extra virgin olive oil to compound oils, Castella elevates the culinary expectations for your healthy diet.
Olive, Antipasto & Salad Bar Offering a wide variety Castella turns the ordinary into extraordinary in the ever-evolving Mediterranean bar. Full of color and flavor, Castella's olive & antipasto collection makes the perfect choice for both formal and casual entertaining, or stands alone as a delicious snack.
Olive Selection Castella is proud to be one of the largest importers, manufacturers and distributors of olives and antipasto in the country. We work with the best growers in the Mediterranean, around the world and here in the United States to ensure our tradition of quality, freshness and variety.
Sauces Castella's full range of sauces are ideal for chefs looking to boost their culinary masterpieces and work just as well for the inner chef in you!
Specialty Items From regional delicacies to unique products, look to Castella for all of your special ingredients. We offer flavors of Greece, Italy and around the world with our line of specialty peppers, stuffed grape leaves, gourmet vegetables and much more.
Spices, Herbs & Seasonings Castella delivers only the highest quality spices and seasonings with the finest aromatic flavors.
Vegetable Selection The flavor and freshness of Castella's vegetables are unmatched. From fiery roasted peppers to the smoky taste of the pulp of grilled eggplant, Castella's vegetables bring variation and great tasting ingredients to your kitchen.


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  • Bread Crumbs
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  • Olive, Antipasto & Salad Bar
  • Olive Selection
  • Sauces
  • Specialty Items
  • Spices, Herbs & Seasonings
  • Vegetable Selection