Castella Imports

Nicoise Sandwich


1 Red and Green Cherry Peppers
2 Zucchini grilled
2 Roasted Red Tomatoes
1 Small Red Onion thinly sliced
1 Hard boiled egg sliced
1 oz Aegean Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinegar mixed
2 oz  Mixed greens
1 Large Crusty Ciabbata Bread


  1. Cut bread horizontally
  2. Layer bread with mixed greens
  3. Add grilled zucchini
  4. Drizzle with oil & vinegar mix
  5. Layer with peppers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, sliced onion
  6. Drizzle with a little more oil & vinegar mix.
  7. Top with other ½ of Cibatta 
  8. Cut with on bias with serrated knife