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Parsley Flakes

Parsley adds a fresh flavor to many dishes and it is rich with many vitamins and minerals. Add these flakes to sauces, salads, cheesy dishes and potatoes.

Serving Tips:
Parsley is used in many seasoning blends. Use in pasta sauces, pizza, stews, and soups. Add for a garnish to just about anything.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
SPC160276 75014407415 Castella 1 / 5LB 3 years Bag
SKU: SPC160276
nutrition information for: SPC160276
SPC160292 75014407424 Castella 1 / 16LB 3 years Bag
SKU: SPC160292
nutrition information for: SPC160292
SPC160256 75014407405 Castella 12 / 1OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC160256
nutrition information for: SPC160256
SPC160261 75014407406 Castella 12 / 3OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC160261
nutrition information for: SPC160261
SPC160266 75014407410 Castella 4 / 12OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC160266
nutrition information for: SPC160266