Castella Imports

Manzanilla Pitted Olives

Castella Spanish Manzanilla Pitted Olives' distinctive taste and tender texture make them a welcome addition to any of your favorite dishes, including salads and tapas.

Serving Tips:
Welcome addition to hors d'oeuvres, vegetable platters or drinks. Great as a snack right out of the jar, too.

Store in a cool place. Refrigerate after opening.
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
JAR130079 75014423225 Castella 12 / 12OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR130079
nutrition information for: JAR130079
JAR130093 75014423238 Castella 12 / 24OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR130093
nutrition information for: JAR130093
JAR130098 75014423240 Castella 6 / 2LB 340/360 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR130098
nutrition information for: JAR130098
JAR130109 75014423252 Castella 4 / 1GL 340/360 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR130109
nutrition information for: JAR130109
OLV130042 75014433747 Castella 1 / 22LB 2 years Pail
SKU: OLV130042
nutrition information for: OLV130042