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Olives 101

A little slice of Olive knowledge...


Olives are best kept in a sealed container. Neither of our jars or tubs of olives need to be refrigerated. As long as they are submerged in their brine and kept out of direct heat and sunlight, they will last up to 6 months at room temperature. However, olives marinated in ingredients other than brine need to be refrigerated after opening to prevent rancidity. If kept cold, they will last up to 3 months.

What are the Castella varieties of olives?

Aglio Olives

Garlic enhanced pitted olives crisp to the bite. With a mild flavor and marinated in oil.

Alfonso Olives

Tender purple olives that are oblong in shape, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Cured in red vinegar and oil for a moderately tart accent.

California Sicilian Olives

California grown, Sicilian-style olives are crunchy with a mild, buttery and slightly tart flavor. These olives are marinated in oil and are ready to serve.

California Sicilian/Green Cracked Olives

Mix of crunchy and piquant California Sicilian olives and Green Olives with cracked flesh that's perfect for absorbing flavor. These fissured west coast olives are marinated in oil.

Castellavetrano™ Olives

Round, vibrant green olives named after Castelvetrano, the area in Sicily where they are grown. These moderate olives are marinated in olive oil and have a smooth, crisp flesh with a very pleasant, buttery flavor.

Green Cerignola Olives

Impressive green Italian-grown olives with a subtle, reserved flavor. Cerignolas are very large, oblong olives with a firm, meaty crunch and mild taste.

Red Cerignola Olives

Beautiful red olives with a pleasant, mellow flavor. Italian-grown Cerignolas have a firm, meaty crunch and are large in size.

Cerignola Olive Medley

Striking mixture of green and red Cerignolas from Italy. These festive olives have a texture that is firm, meaty and delivers quite a crunch.

French Medley

Romantic blend of Niçoise and Picholine olives that are crisp, tart and will make you fall in love. These perfectly paired olives are marinated in oil.

Gaeta Olives

Known as the "black pearl" of Italian olives, Gaetas are soft and mellow with a slightly citrus flavor.

Greek Black Olives

Large, round semi-soft olives with a fruity flavor. Depending on the time of harvesting, Greek Blacks may bebrown-gray to violet-black in color. These olives are pitted and packed in brine.

Green Cracked Olives

Shimmering green olives that are crunchy with a mild, buttery and slightly tart flavor. The flesh is cracked after harvest which allows marinade to infuse flavor into the olives.

Green Cracked Olives with Minced Garlic

Shimmering crisp, green olives with a mild, pleasant tang.The flesh is cracked, which allows the flavor of the hearty minced garlic to steep into the olives.

Green Pitted Olives

Large, green olives with a crunchy flesh and impressive flavor. These popular pitted olives are a staple in any Mediterranean bar. Marinated in oil.

Green Pitted Olives Seasoned

Crisp, green olives that are large in size and big on flavor. These bountiful olives are seasoned with the perfect blend of herbs and spices.

Green Pitted Olives with Italian Seasoning

Large green olives with a crunchy flesh and tart flavor.These popular olives are seasoned with authentic Italian seasoning.

Kalamata Olives

Hand-picked, firm and fruity; enjoy a taste of Greece with this delicious compliment to any vegetable platter or classic Greek salad.

Kalamata Pitted Seasoned Olives

Known for their purple color, trademark almond shape and fruity flavor, Kalamatas are hand-picked gems from Greece. Marinated in oil and seasoned with herbs.

Martini Pitted Olives

Slightly smaller in size, Martini olives are green Spanish olives with a crispy flesh and tart flavor. These pitted olives are marinated in oil.

Mediterranean Olive Medley

Extravagant collection of green and black olives. This delicious mixture is a popular blend that is marinated in oil and spices.

Medley D'Italia

The Medley D'Italia is an amazing mix of Red, Green and Black Cerignolas with the authentic taste of California Sicilian, Giraffa and Castellavetranos olives.

The Nafplion

The Nafplion is a medium sized olive that is firm in texture. They range in color from dark green to brown. This olive is often cracked to allow brine to penetrate. It has a meaty, crisp and slightly bitter flavor.

Niçoise Olives

Pronounced "nee-shwa" these delicate black French olives hail from France and possess a lovely, flavorful tang.

Moroccan Oil Cured Olives

Imported from Morocco, these black olives are dried in salt and then oil cured for a wrinkled, raisin-like appearance with a distinct slightly bitter flavor. These olives are marinated in oil.

Oil Cured Olives with Crushed Red Pepper

Deep black olive that is dried in salt and then oil cured for a wrinkled appearance and bold flavor. They are marinated in oil and tossed with crushed red pepper.

Petite Olive Collection

Petite, seriously little yet largely appealing blend of olives. This eye-catching combination is marinated with savory herbs and packed in a light brine.

Picante Olives

Large, pitted olives with a crisp flesh. These jazzy numbers are marinated in oil and crushed red pepper for just the right amount of kick.

Picholine Olives

These small French beauties are mild, green and almond-shaped with a meaty flesh and refreshing taste.

Stuffed Olives:

Green Olives Stuffed with Almonds

Green olives hand-stuffed with almonds release a pleasant contrast of tart and nutty flavors. These olives are marinated in oil.

Green Olives Stuffed with Bleu Cheese

Green olives hand-stuffed with crumbles of bleu cheese deliver a crisp bite with the tangy, creamy finish of classic bleu cheese. Marinated in oil.

Green Olives Stuffed with Feta Cheese

Green olives hand-stuffed with savory feta crumbles are a Mediterranean match made in heaven. Marinated in oil.

Green Olives Stuffed with Garlic

Green olives hand-stuffed with garlic resonate with robust flavor and a crisp texture that will keep you coming back for more. Marinated in oil.

Queen Olives Stuffed with Gorgonzola

Queen green olives stuffed with gorgonzola cheese crumbles deliver a beautifully bold intro and decadent finale.

Green Olives Stuffed with Jalapeño

Green olives hand-stuffed with jalapeños are a fiesta for the senses. Spicy jalapeño is balanced with the buttery olive flesh. Marinated in oil.

Green Olives Stuffed with Pimento

Green Queen olives stuffed with sweet red pimento deliver a classic, refreshing flavor. These olives are a tried and true favorite

Green Olives Stuffed with Provolone

Green olives hand-stuffed with creamy provolone cheese are a cheese-lover's dream come true. Marinated in oil.

Green Olives Stuffed with Sun Dried Tomato

Green olives hand-stuffed with sweet, chewy sundried tomatoes deliver a colorful contrast of flavors. Marinated in oil.