Castella Imports


Castella prides itself on our focus on protecting the environment and sustainability. Our efforts include:

  • Castella’s waste water production usage is approximately 5 million gallons. We were able to reduce that by 10% through steam washing machinery
  • Our non-product waste water usage is 500,000 gallons, we were able to reduce it by 50% by switching to waterless urinals and automatic faucets
  • Castella saves 476,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy annually by switching the entire company’s lighting system from T-8 bulbs to LED lighting, and by upgrading to high efficiency refrigeration units
  • Our energy management system controls and optimizes the energy usage throughout our facility. Our high efficiency lighting is equipped with motion sensors that automatically shut off
  • Castella eliminated over 428,000lbs of carbon dioxide annually as party of the LIPA Commercial Efficiency Program which helped the company upgrade its refrigeration units
  • Castella produces about 35 tons of waste per week, and recycles approximately 5 tons, leaving 30 tons waste to landfill
  • Castella uses recyclable packaging for our products, labels, cartons and glass. Our packaging materials are sourced from FSC and SFI certified suppliers
  • Castella focuses on its environmental initiatives by reducing our carbon footprint, through the purchase of hybrid vehicles for our sales force
  • Transitioning to electric vehicles