Castella Imports


Innovation with passion and creativity.

Product Categories & Development

Castella's passion for food shows through in the unique blend of their products. From spices and seasonings to specialty foods, Castella is truly your global marketplace. Castella's team is continuously tracking and uncovering trends, creating innovative solutions to embrace the movement of the market.

Equipment and Packaging

Castella's packing equipment is state-of-the-art, always improving, based on the needs of customers. Castella's versatile packaging capabilities are endless, including proprietary blends and private labeling capabilities.

Sourcing & Supply Chain

The process of delivering fine foods to our customers begins at the source. For over 20 years, we have established the strongest relationships with growers to deliver the highest quality products. With our diverse partnerships, we ensure the multiple sources are in place to meet absolute uniformity of our product specifications, with fail-safe reliability and cost efficiency. Our fully integrated supply chain management systems provide inventory and production planning to tie in with customer demands and needs for order procurement fulfillment.


Our goal is to save you time and money. Castella owns and operates its fleet of trucks, along with location of distribution in New York. Therefore, we are able to offer a discounted nationwide delivery program to our customers. With a cutting edge tracking system and around the clock monitoring ability, our Logistics team can ensure on-time delivery to your door.


Castella has a full service, in-house marketing department. Our creative team generates customized labels, packaging, point of sale sheets and innovative marketing programs in support of our customers and our brand.

Ensuring Quality & Value From The Fields To Your Door

Castella's production facility is HACCP certified, as well as SQF Level 3 certified. This means we adhere to stricter guidelines above industry standard to ensure the highest food safety measures are taken. Our on-site QA laboratory and QA/QC team ensures the quality of products from inbound inspections to production, all the way through to finished goods.